Computational Platform for Life-Science

  Where we are different ?

Biotechnology/LifeScience has been emerged as a major industry for the global economy. India is one such country where public & private sector both are focussing on life science research. Therapeutic area is a backbone of this secotor, where majority of academia & industries are involved in fundamental as well as application research. Biggest challenge in therapeutic research is the expense of huge cost and time. In addition to cost and time, high risk factor also makes it limited. In order to address these concerns, this industry has to evolve with new technologies. Computational biology with artificial intelligence/machine learning is being applied in this domain for design and development of molecule and lower the cost, time and risk. With the advancement of hardware resources we can perform long simulation to find the therapeutic potential of a given molecule. This technology is helpful for biologics and small molecule discovery both. Huge number of combinatorial possibilities could be tried and tested to find high quality output.

Usage of Computational Techniques in Therapeutic Molecule Design

  • New Drug Target Prediction
  • New Chemical Entity (NCE) Design
  • Excipient Design to Stabilize Biologics