Avinash Mishra,Phd

CEO & Co-Founder

Avinash Mishra is a CEO at Growdea Technologies Pvt Ltd. Before Growdea, he had a four years prior experience of running a start-up. He is also an Indo-Australian Gold fellow at Griffith University, Australia. In Gowdea, his role includes heading Research & Development (R&D) activities and Techno-Commercialization of the products to be developed focussing on machine learning technique and its application in various domains. At Griffith University, he worked on computational drug design, protein structure prediction and implementation of machine learning approach to solve biological and chemical problems.

Earlier, he worked in AstraZeneca R&D in the Computational Biology Division and was engaged in developing protocols for identification of new target molecules. His first post-doctoral research was on design of small peptides to stop insulin aggregation. He completed this work at Chemical Engineering department- Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. He earned his doctoral degree (PhD) from IIT-Delhi at supercomputing facility for bioinformatics and computational biology (SCFBio). During his doctoral research he was involved with protein folding team where he worked to design scoring function to identify good protein models. His initial research in post-graduation was focused on Ribosomal RNA’s Conformational Analysis and its features at Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB-India). He was awarded at many national and international platform for his start-up business idea and his scientific contributions.