Artificial Intelligence

  AI in Agriculture

Agriculture has been always a major industry for the global economy. India is one such country where a large portion of population income depends on agriculture. Unlike other industries, agriculture is being heavily subjected to population growth and climate change. In order to address these concerns, this industry has to evolve with new technologies. Artificial intelligence/machine learning is being applied in various domain for forecasting the unseen future and automating rigorous tasks. Here, a model is trained on available data which can predict the outcome for unseen data with certain level of accuracy. Agriculture industries also started applying AI/ML techniques to solve their problems those are beyond human intelligence and strength. India in specific has to use AI/ML techniques to increase the productivity for growing population under minimal resources.

Use of AI/ML are categorized into following

  • Robotic Application - Smart machines are being designed to perform manual tasks, it includes harvesting, irrigation, spraying etc. Advantage of these machines are that they work in any condition with improved efficiency.
  • Soil and Crop Monitoring - Companies are leveraging computer vision and deep-learning algorithms to process data captured by drones and/or software-based technology to monitor crop and soil health.
  • Predictive Analysis - Machine learning models are being developed to track and predict various environmental impacts on crop yield such as weather changes.